The AWA Project


Recent findings of the AWA project were presented at the Wittgenstein Centre Conference 2019, which took place from 11th -12th November 2019!

Analysing wellbeing from a life course perspective

The AgeWellAccounts (AWA) project focuses on the measurement and analysis of wellbeing from a life course perspective. A comprehensive range of wellbeing measures is used for this purpose, including measures of the economic situation of people, exposure to stress and time pressure as well as measures of happiness and health status.

AWA data

Part of the project is the compilation of a dataset that contains age-specific information on different dimensions of individuals’ wellbeing. This data complement National Transfer Accounts by providing comprehensive age-specific information on the economic situation of individuals, the way they are using their time, and their subjective wellbeing.

Aim of the project

The AgeWellAccounts data will be used to study how the different dimensions of wellbeing change over the life course and how they differ between countries. The aim is to identify the main determinants that influence wellbeing at each stage of life and to explore the relation between wellbeing and intergenerational support.

Generational Economy

If you are interested in the AWA project, please find additional information about this project as well as up to date information about other projects and research centered around the Generational Economy on our main website:, which will be updated beyond the duration of the AWA project.