Policy Brief

  • Policy Brief: The Rush Hour of Life – Age and Gender Inequalities in Work and Leisure Time (download)
  • Policy Brief: Fertility and territorial well-being in Italy – How is fertility related to social, economic and environmental quality? (download)
  • Policy Brief: Inequalities in living standards across ages in France (download)

Journal Articles

Working Papers

  • Bratsberg, B. and Stancanelli, E. (2018). “Asymmetries in leisure complementarities of older spouses: learning from a partial retirement reform in Norway”, Oslo Frisch Center.
  • Hammer H.; Spitzer S.; Vargha L. and Istenič T. (2019). “The Gender Dimension of Intergenerational Transfers in Europe”. VID Working Paper 07/2019.
  • Spitzer, S. and Weber D. (2019). “Who is telling the truth? Biases in self-reported physical and cognitive health status of older Europeans”, IIASA Working Paper WP-19-002.
  • Spitzer, S.; Greulich, A. and Hammer, B. (2018): The subjective cost of young children: A European comparison. VID Working Paper 12/2018.

Other Publications

  • Clark, A.E. (2019): Born To Be Mild? Cohort Effects Don’t Explain Why Well-Being is U-Shaped in Age. In M. Rojas (Ed.), The Economics of Happiness: How the Easterlin Paradox Transformed our Understanding of Well-being and Progress. New York: Springer.